Safaikarmachari Kavulu Samithi

Safaikarmachari Kavulu Samithi (SKKS) was initiated in 2009-10 after the tragic protest of safaikarmacharis also working as manual scavengers in front of municipal office by smearing excreta on themselves in Savanur (Haveri District, Karnataka). This incident brought to light the continuance of practice of manual scavenging in Karnataka and the dreadful socio-economic status of the dalit communities engaged in this occupation as well as the absence of any organised voice from the community. Senior Dalit Human Rights activists came together to found SKKS as a body which would work towards eradication manual scavenging.

Since then, SKKS has been investigating, following up and making legal interventions into cases of manual scavenging into Karnataka. SKKS had also participated in the deliberation leading up to enactment of the The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013. After the enactment of this legislation, SKKS has been struggling towards comprehensive implementation of the Act which includes a) identification of those working or having worked as manual scavengers; b) rehabilitation of those identified as manual scavengers; c) demolition/conversion of insanitary latrines; d) development of infrastructure to eliminate cleaning of manholes, septic tanks, soak pits, open drains etc. and e) justice to the families of those who have died while engaged in manual scavenging tasks.