Rural Solar Electrification

In the year 2015-16, Thamate had initiated rural solar electrification project in Pavagada and Madhugiri talukas of Tumkuru district in collaboration with Barefoot College at Tilonia, Ajmer, Rajasthan. The project was initiated with following objectives in mind: –

  • Providing solar electricity and lighting to households unserved by public electricity;
  • Assisting with children’s education by making available lighting and electricity at bheemshalas and their houses;
  • Promoting alternative employment for rural Dalit women.

During Sept-Oct 2015, community meetings were conducted in 24 villages to identify potential women candidates for training as solar technicians. At the end of this process 48 women were short-listed and later four candidates were sent for a six-month training course to Barefoot College at Tilonia, Ajmer, Rajasthan, our partner in this project. All the four women were keen learners and were either single or separated and hence this training and employment under the project was an opportunity for dignified livelihood for them. In March 2016, the installation process of solar power panels was started. By the end of year 2016-17, 300 households were installed with roof-top solar power panels. The details of the beneficiaries are provided in Table below.

Use of Solar Power in the House
Use of Solar Power in House

Table 1: Details of Beneficiaries under the Solar Power Project

Sl No.Name of the VillageNo. of BeneficiariesCaste-wise breakup
 TOTAL 300