Bheemshale are centers run by teachers from the community for providing educational support to children of the community studying in Class I-X. Every evening for 2-3 hours, kids from the community gather at the bheemshale located in their locality where teachers help them do their homework, help revise the material taught in the school and prepare for exams. Because of the occupation of their parents, most children from the community lack a supportive and enabling environment at home for their education. Bheemshale attempt to fill this gap and through this supplemental effort tries to reduce the drop-out rates of children from the community and improve learning outcomes. The bheemshale teachers hold regular meetings with the parents of the children to encourage them to take interest in their children’s education and to become a partner in the bheemshale processes. As of Oct 2017, Thamate was  operating 6 bheemshale in which total 97 boys and 115 girls were enrolled.

Table 1: Details of Bheemshale run by Thamate in Tumkuru district

Sl. No.Name of the BheemshalaTalukaNo. of Children Enrolled

Bheemshale in Kannamedi
Sh. K B Obalesh teaching children English

Cultural Activities

Apart from helping them to do better in various subjects, through summer camps and cultural activities, the bheemshale also attempt to build self-confidence in the children through cultural activities.

Cultural Training by Activist Hanumantarayappa
Cultural Activities at the Bheemshale

Pre-coaching for Residential School Admissions

Beginning Jan of every year, teachers of Bheemshale, go door to door in the nearby villages and residential areas encouraging parents whose children are eligible for admission into government-run residential schools like Morarji Desai schools and Rani Kittur Chenamma schools, to send their children for pre-coaching for the entrance exams. For the next 2-3 months, children who are sitting for the entrance exams are provided pre-coaching to enable them to clear the exams.

Pre-coaching session at one of the bheeshale
Students preparing for entrance exam to residential schools

The results for the entrance exams to Morarji Desai Residetial Schools for the Academic Year (AY) 2017-18 were announced in June 2017 and this year, 43 students including 27 boys and 16 girls got admission into various Morarji Desai Schools at Pavagada, Madhugiri, Koratagere and Sira talukas as shown in Table below.

Table 2: Admissions to Morarji Desai Residential Schools in AY 2017-18


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