Alternative Employment

A complex cycle of caste-induced economic exploitation has ensured that the community has remained trapped in low-paying unclean occupations for generations after generations. Most youths are not able to complete degree level education and in absence of other means of livelihood are forced to take up their parents’ occupation. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to break this cycle of caste-ordained occupation by offering the youth avenues of alternate employment. For this purpose, we utilize following avenues:-

 Self-Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS)

Under the Prevention of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013, those identified as having been engaged in manual scavenging are to be rehabilitated as per the provisions of the Act and Supreme Court Directions in Safaikarmachari Andolan vs UOI. To provide for this rehabilitation of identified manual scavengers, the National Safaikarmachari Finance Development Corporation (NSKFDC) is tasked with implementing The Self Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS) which provides for training, stipend and concessional loans for the beneficiaries. We have been monitoring and supporting the process of provision of alternate employment to identified manual scavengers as part of their rehabilitation.


Programme to commemorate the end of training for the first set of identified manual scavengers

Youth Resource Centers

For the youth of the community Thamate has set-up Youth Resource Centers (YRCs) where workshops are organized from time-to-time encouraging youths to take up vocational training and then move onto alternative employment after finishing the training.

For these purposes, Thamate has been collaborating with organizations like Unnati Centre and The Nudge Foundation in Bengaluru offering vocational training. Several youths have received training from these institutions and are now pursuing gainful employment in places like Bengaluru and Tumkuru.

Karnataka State Development Finance Corporations

Karnataka State government has set-up Finance Development Corporations for the development of several marginalized communities. Ambedkar Development Finance Corporation was created for the welfare of members of the Scheduled Castes in the state and in 2016, the State government set-up Karnataka State Safaikarmachari Development Finance Corporation, specifically for financing the development activities for the welfare of the safaikarmachari community. Thamate supports those members of the community who want to take up alternate self- employment in availing finance from these corporations,

Tea Shop opened by a member of Community
Vegetable Cart vended by member of community
Coconut and Flower shop operated by member of community